Palagano History

Palagano - combining classic Italian leather with today’s digital lifestyle

Lucio Palagano has always been a passionate pioneer, anticipating the ever-changing needs of consumers alongside the evolution of technology and then innovating the retail solutions to meet those needs. In the past, he’s worked for some of the best-known electronics, computer and digital brands including Olivetti, before setting up Computer Planet in 2000. This franchise chain gave visitors a unique immersive listening experience, an innovation technology hub for keeping up to date about the new technologies being developed, and an Internet corner where customers could surf the web while enjoying delicious coffee and snacks.

As a result, owner and entrepreneur Lucio is uniquely placed to create this niche ground-breaking brand concept that combines trends in fashion with PC-tablet technology. His 30 years in electronics and retail give him very particular insights, and these combine with his deep love for all fine quality and design – whether it’s in cars, clothes, accessories or furniture. Developing the brand that bears his name demonstrates Lucio’s knowledge of the style, design and futuristic technology that can make our busy lives both easier and more elegant. Quality is key to every aspect of his luxury Palagano range. This is why Lucio insists on using the best designers who know the trends in fashion and wearable technology, before employing the craftsmen most skilled in hand working quality leathers to deliver his vision.

Keeping in touch with the digital world is so much part of every day. People carry it with them constantly, but now they can do so with real Italian style and the best high-quality leather. Palagano is the luxury brand that puts the emphasis on marrying understated sophistication and top quality craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology.

The 12.3” ‘Palagano’ PC tablet incorporates the Intel Core i5/i7 processor and Intel GPU graphics card combined with up to 16Gb of RAM and up to 1Tb storage, front & rear cameras and Stylus Touch Pen. Windows 10 Pro is pre installed to provide a high quality tablet which complements the luxurious leather sleeve.

The Palagano brand offers a range of luxury leather and electronic lines. Each item is painstakingly created with a high design aesthetic, and then delivered as sleek yet eminently practical leather pieces. Incorporating the world-renown “Made in Italy” label, the range includes stylish tablets with their own leather cases - unique to the Palagano brand. There are also elegant, briefcases, tablet bags and backpacks. Presented in three design groups, they offer a choice of colours, textures and styles with something to appeal to every taste.

The result is the Palagano range, a bespoke proposition that’s defining new and exciting market sectors with this emerging range of luxury electronic leather products.